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Welcome to Keren Automation, In this tutorial, we will learn about PyCharm IDE Installation & Setup.

Let’s continue…

  • PyCharm is a cross-platform IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Python Development.
  • PyCharm is developed and actively maintained by the “JetBrains” company.
  • Among all IDEs available for Python, PyCharm is favorite for many Python developers.

Simple Steps to Install PyCharm Installation in Windows 10:

Step1: Navigate to Google and search for “Download PyCharm”.

Step2: Click on the link, which is relevant for PyCharm Download.

Step3: Select “Community Edition” and proceed to download.

Step4: Select and Run the downloaded executable file.

Step5: Click on “Next” to continue the installation process.

Step6: Select All “Checkboxes” to click on “Next

Step7: Select “Reboot Now” and click on “Finish

Note: your system will restart now.

Happy Learning 🙂