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Welcome to Postman API series, In this post, we will see how to install and setup Postman tool on Windows.

Few things about Postman:

Postman is a tool for End to End API testing, it is available in Free and Premium versions.

Postman platform provides all necessary tools for any API testing right from the design to full production.

What Postman offers to YOU:

  • you can quickly and easily send REST, SOAP, and GraphQL requests directly within Postman.
  • Automate manual tests and integrate them into your CI/CD pipeline to ensure that any code changes won’t break the API in production.
  • Communicate the expected behavior of an API by simulating endpoints and their responses without having to set up a backend server.
  • Generate and publish beautiful, machine-readable documentation to make your API easier to consume.
  • Stay up-to-date on the health of your API by checking performance and response times at scheduled intervals.
  • Provide a shared context for building and consuming APIs, and collaborate in real-time with built-in version control.

Important Links for Postman

  1. Official Website
  2. Learning Center
  3. Explore APIs

Step by Step Installation Guide for Postman on Windows

Step1: Go to Postman downloads page and click on “Download” [Please select your bit size].

Postman Download Step1

Step2: Double click on “Downloaded File” to start the installation wizard.

Post Installation Step2

Step3: Create an Account in Postman to dive into the World of APIs.
Postman Installation Step3
Check your email and activate Postman account
Postman Email Confirmation

Activate Postman Account

Postman Successfull Email Validation

Step4: Setup initial things like your Name, Profile Photo, Role and Purpose of using Postman.

Postman Installation Step4

Postman Installation Step5

Step5: Invite your Team – This step is optional – You can skip it.

Postman Installation Step6

Step6: You’re done – Welcome to Postman ❤️

Postman Installation Step6

This is all for now 🙂

Want to see Postwoman ? , Here you go 🙂